Food to heal disease and not to harm your health

When it comes to food, many variations can be bought with a particular ingredient in hand and it can be led to perfection if you are a professional in cooking! Besides being a pro in cooking, improvising-food matters a lot for a healthy living. This page will highlight on the same with a simple, fast and a fresh recipe on Mushroom Risotto with Black Rice.

Rice is that kind which can be easily cooked and lots of flavours and colours can be added to it to make it look simple but delicious in having it. Black Rice is a type of rice which comes in with a flavour of improvising-food with lots of nutrients in it to consume. Though it is less popular when compared to white rice, many interesting and delicious dishes can be cooked with black rice. Added vegetables like mushroom, green peas, tomato, potato, cauliflower or any other veggie will fit in for a risotto. Right quantity of the ingredients at the right proportion will help you gain a perfect dish.

Risotto-wirh-black rice

Risotto-wirh-black rice

A quick recipe on Black rice plus added ingredients – black rice can go with mushroom or any other vegetable or non vegetable broth. It can also be made as a stew or a salad or even a breakfast platted and a wine to favor the dish is the simplest yet a good way to serve this dish. Nothing difficult seems when one cooks this dish as it takes some 30-45 minutes minimum. Rice being the main ingredient with all added spices to it, on the basis of improvising food, you can add or substitute ingredients to make the dish a more eligible one. Say, you can sue brown rice or red rice instead of black rice. Get to know all the relevant cooking details from the books, cook blogs or from experts.

Lots of blogs and cooking sites will help you cook on your own and you can find a lot of energizing nutrient food coming out this way from these websites. If you are single and willing to learn a lot out of cooking, then quickly browse online for improving food and you will find loads of sites educating you on the same.

Adopt your own style to it after knowing what each ingredient has in terms of carbohydrate, nutrients, body fat, calories, energy etc. Have good food for good living.

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