The art of cooking healthy food

During college years or doing a job in certain remote place, good food is the only thing one desires for.  Everybody dreams of a homemade recipe to arrive at their door step at the starving hours of the day. But the reality of life is that if you are living alone you have to cook your own food. If a person lacks the art of cooking then it’s hard to have a good quality food. It’s better to cook your own food instead of buying a preserved product or eating unhygienic food.

Cooking food requires, cooking utensils, a recipe and a purpose (which is hunger) for making food. You can look for food recopies on internet, magazines or in a special edition of news paper (usually Sundays). You can also find ways to improvise your old food recipe into a new one, making a delightful evening, sitting in your balcony having the tastiest food ever.

Usually people buy crackers to eat, but you can also make your own home made crackers it’s easy and simple; you just have to find a good recipe. With ingredients such as oat, sunflower seeds, flax, oregano, chia seeds can make your homemade cracker look tasty and healthy. You can have many improvising options such as using different seeds, like pumpkin and hemp but not roasted, you can also use cumin, chili and dry herbs to spice up the flavor.  After mixing every ingredient, it will take only 45 minutes and your crispy and homemade crackers are ready.

Everybody has a favorite dish of their own, but before cooking your favorite dish makes sure you have all the necessary ingredients and essential equipments.  You can read the recipe and select the ingredients and tools; you can improvise in your cooking utensils also. People usually eat packaged food or crackers, but your own homemade food has a different taste and feeling. With advanced cooking utensils it’s easy to make any recipe, but you have to be patient during its process. Time is what it needs, to enhance the beauty of a dish. The equipments such as mixer, microwave oven, pressure cooker has turned an average person into a cooking expert.

You can even call your friends to have dinner and you can surprise them with your homemade food. Cooking is an adventure, a process to experience new dishes; it’s the perfect and required ingredient for your tasty and healthy life.

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