Good food for a healthy heart

Food comes in various varieties and the food industry has emerged and touched the pinnacle in such a way that lots and lots of flavours, spices, and recipe are all made available in ease. But with the changing lifestyle, it is mandatory that each and every one has the control over what one consumes for the matter of a healthy heart and a longer life ahead. In line to this improvising-food is essential in all aspects. Having said that, you no more need to get out or dine in a hotel for food while there are numerous ways to cook food while at home. Isn’t that awesome? Every other person can simply start cooking food from home and you can have the complete transparency of what goes in for your intake.


Cauliflower Dough Pizza

Improvising-food should be in such a way where the body fat and unwanted calories are abstained from in our daily consumption of food. The trend now is to have junk food, pizza and burger where lots if unwanted calories and body fat get piled up in every human system. This way reducing or changing the way we consume them matter a lot. When it comes to pizza, a homemade version can have a lot of difference with lot of healthy ingredient getting into it thereby making it a suitable and a healthy dish to consume. Lots of varieties in pizza exist like the Cauliflower Pizza, pepperoni pizza, or a pizza with olives, tomatoes and onions or even a chicken or mutton pizza. Having said that, what goes in every layer in your home made pizza matter a lot. If it is a Cauliflower Pizza then line up all those ingredients which will suit well, add onions, tomatoes, capsicum and lots of chillies to spice it up such that your home made pizza looks and tastes great with complete transparency of all that went in, in the making.

Stays updated with the various food blogs and cook books and try all those fabulous dishes which will help you to be a simple yet fabulous cook in providing all those energetic food to have a longer life ahead. Every dish can have an improvising factor in it in such a way that all unwanted body fat can be eradicated and protein rich ingredients can take its place.

“Enjoy your homemade crackers”

During college years or doing a job in certain remote place, good food is the only thing one desires for.  Everybody dreams of a homemade recipe to arrive at their door step at the starving hours of the day. But the reality of life is that if you are living alone you have to cook your own food. If a person lacks the art of cooking then it’s hard to have a good quality food. It’s better to cook your own food instead of buying a preserved product or eating unhygienic food.


Cooking food requires, cooking utensils, a recipe and a purpose (which is hunger) for making food. You can look for food recopies on internet, magazines or in a special edition of news paper (usually Sundays). You can also find ways to improvise your old food recipe into a new one, making a delightful evening, sitting in your balcony having the tastiest food ever.

Usually people buy crackers to eat, but you can also make your own home made crackers it’s easy and simple; you just have to find a good recipe. With ingredients such as oat, sunflower seeds, flax, oregano, chia seeds can make your homemade cracker look tasty and healthy. You can have many improvising-food options such as using different seeds, like pumpkin and hemp but not roasted, you can also use cumin, chili and dry herbs to spice up the flavor. Its ingredients include 1 Cup of spelt flour, 1 Cup of oat, ½ Cup of sunflower seeds, ½ cup of flax, ½ cup of chia seeds, ¼ cup of sesame seeds, 1 Tsp. of oregano, 1 ½ Tsp. salt, 1 Tsp. of black pepper, 2 Cups of water. After mixing every ingredient, it will take only 45 minutes and your crispy and homemade crackers are ready.

Everybody has a favorite dish of their own, but before cooking your favorite dish makes sure you have all the necessary ingredients and essential equipments.  You can read the recipe and select the ingredients and tools; you can improvise in your cooking utensils also. People usually eat packaged food or crackers, but your own homemade food has a different taste and feeling. With advanced cooking utensils it’s easy to make any recipe, but you have to be patient during its process. Time is what it needs, to enhance the beauty of a dish. The equipments such as mixer, microwave oven, pressure cooker has turned an average person into a cooking expert.

You can even call your friends to have dinner and you can surprise them with your homemade improvised- food. Cooking is an adventure, a process to experience new dishes; it’s the perfect and required ingredient for your tasty and healthy life.

Learn Some Excellent Tips on How to Improvise Your Food

These days there are many people who love to cook food and some of them even try to make a career out of it. Some of them succeed and some of them end up giving up their dream and get into some other work. Hence, in order to succeed in the field of food, making you need to improvise food. This thought can be easily achieved as all you need is dedication and smartness for achieving your ultimate goal.

dough pizza

Healthy dough pizza with cauliflower

Here are some amazing tips on improvising-food that can prove to be really beneficial and moreover by following these tips you will be able to carve out new dishes that everybody is going to like.

Seek Help from a Professional Food Blogging Website

•    If you are planning to make a career out of food, making or just want to learn the basics of cooking, then the first step is to search for an excellent and professional food blogging website.
•    It is very easy as all you need is help from your favorite search engine and you will be able to garner some good website addresses. Now shortlist some of these websites and start working on each and every website that you have shortlisted.
•    One such excellent and professional food blogging website is called as The best part about this food blogging website is that it is very user friendly and has got a list of some amazing dishes such as Dough Pizza with Cauliflower and some amazing toppings.

•    This food blog is run by Mark and he was born in Israel. He is a professional food blogger who is now situated in California. You can search for some amazing dishes on this blog and if in case you have any questions related to food and dishes you can email him on his email id that is
•    You can also subscribe the newsletter by adding your email id with the blog and one of the best parts about is that it is well connected with different social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.
•    Connecting with them through their social media websites is quite beneficial as it will help you to stay updated about the latest food making tips and new dishes that are being introduced.
Hence, for all the food lovers, this food blog is like a plethora of some amazing and scrumptious dishes that you can learn to make in a simple and easy manner.

Homemade cooking can be done even when you don’t have a recipe in your hand. Cooking is an art and you can go for improvising food and make some unique dishes. Even the crackers can have different taste and look to celebrate a special event. What you just need to do is to have a look in the stock and ingredients that you hold in your pantry. Improvisation requires stock of different ingredients so that an instant thought can be converted into reality.

cropped-cauliflower-pizza3.jpgYou can go for numerous homemade recipes that can be recreated with basic pantry items. You can then start with the fun of making something new and different without a conventional recipe. So move forward to plan a cracker meal at this Sunday party. Improvising food is all about the simple idea of cooking freely without having to follow the old ways of cooking. Don’t depend too much on recipes as you are on the way to create something better that would be all your invention. At the back of mind just remember that you are unique and you need to make your cooking style special and different from others. You have to keep on experimenting so that you can learn what goes with what to get better at improvising.
When you want to start anew with improvisation process always remembers that it is going to be total fun and is going to be a lifelong learning process. Just cook the crackers by instinct whatever you want to add to, whatever you want to replace too. Don’t be afraid to change the taste. If you will be scared to experiment the art will die at the same time. Improvising food can never be taught by specific tips and instructions. You can follow the recipes which are improvised or can use the ideas of chefs that help awaken inspiration and ideas.
For novice cooks, things are all easier and convenient. They are going to make homemade food first time. So they are unbothered about the conventional ways of cooking. They can start their journey to the kitchen with improvisation of food. Their mind is not blocked and they can come up with free and new ideas. For then improvisation is not a daunting task. Only they need to get acquainted with the basic cooking skills. Always remember Improvisation is at the heart of any good chef’s repertoire.