It is easy to master art of improvising food

If you look the food that the people eat these days are mostly junk foods. They eat without giving any though to what they are eating and what will those foods have a impact on their body. Even the kids have stopped consuming the homemade food. They have forgotten the simple, tasty and healthiest foods like crackers. The way they are going can have a negative impact on their health. So it is the time to improvise the lifestyle and give some thought to improvising food. It is the time that you should take a u turn and move back to kitchen to make some healthy food on your own. It will make you habitual to eat healthy and homemade food. Stop having the processed products for some time.


Improvising food

Cooking is really not tough. What you need is just a little imagination to use in a new way. It is a form of art which you need to use it in your life. Improvising food can be started by making simple yet different salads. You can even make own burgers, salad dressing, hummus, crackers and many more.  You just need to know few basics and you can start cooking your own dishes. Day by day you will learn and make progress. Start from scratch and you will see everything building up slowly. You can make some changes in the recipe and make it according to your taste. A little innovation can result in an entirely new dish.
Crackers is something that is really simple to make and can be termed as a homemade food. There are many recipes of homemade crackers that are available online. Normally it takes 10 minutes of the preparation of cooking of the dish and then it takes around 50 minutes to cook the dish. On an average if you spend one hour in the kitchen you can make 40 thin crackers. The main ingredients used are spelt flour, oat, sunflower seeds, flax, chia seeds, sesame seeds, oregano, salt black, pepper and water. It can be made easily in no time. For improvising food, you can use whole wheat flour in place of spelt flour; in place of all the seeds you can use the seeds of your choice. There is a long list like pumpkin, hemp, pistachio and many more. But they had to be use din raw form and should not be roasted. Instead of Oregano you can use Chili, cumin, dry herbs or any other flavor of your test.

A Yummy Recipe With Gluten Free Dough Pizza

The quantity of pizza lovers in quickly increasing and pizza has become a worldwide known fast food, which is sold in almost all the fast food chains. But we all know the fact that pizza is not a healthy food when it is served in food courts. And eating a single pizza can make you consume at least 200 calories.  But you have got an option; you can replace your unhealthy pizza with a delicious and very healthy pizza.

Dough pizza with cauliflower

Healthy Pizzas

Here is a recipe appetizing Cauliflower Dough Pizzas. This is definitely the best and healthiest pizza recipe for all those who love pizza but afraid of the calories that comes with it. The preparation time you need to make this delicious pizza is 30 minutes. And the total time you need for this will be 40-50 minutes for 4 people.

Here are The Ingredients You Need…

To make the tomato sauce you need one tbsp olive oil, one clove of garlic, oregano, two tbsp tomatoes puree, one tbsp ketchup and half cup water. And for the dough, you need one cauliflower head (medium and cooked in water), two eggs, a cup of low fat mozzarella cheese, half tbsp salt and use anything for the topping. There is no rule for topping; you can garnish it with any seasonal veggie. You can also make it easier for you by ImprovisingFood.

Start Preparing Dough Pizzas …

Heat a pot and pour some oil into it, put oregano and garlic in the oil and cook for a minute, keep stirring the garlic so that it doesn’t get burned. Add tomato paste and fry up for just 2 minutes, now add the ketchup and some water and cook it for 5-7 minutes n medium heat.

Making of the dough…

Take out the flowers from cauliflower stem and then slice the flowers in food processor. Squeeze cauliflower and take out the moisture from it. Try to make it as dry as possible, you can use paper towel as it will absorb all the moisture. Mix dough ingredients and put it into the oven for at least 20 minutes until its brown.

Now spread the sauce and toppings on the pizza and put it back in the oven just for 5 minutes to melt the cheese. Let it get cool to make it crunchier and enjoy the mouth-watering pizza.

Switch To Healthy Pizza: Improvising-Food

Everyone loves pizzas, this is the one food that is commonly loved by majority of people. But unfortunately it’s not healthy and you cannot eat it so often if you are the one who is very much concerned about your health.  Another thing is that it is not cheap either if you frequently order pizza.  But there is nothing to worry as you are going to find plenty of a website online from where you can learn to make a healthy pizza such as Dough Pizza with Cauliflower, improvising-food. You can easily prepare this pizza at home and the yummy thing is that you can even eat it often. This pizza is healthy and no one will stop you from eating it. Another great thing is that this pizza tastes great. If you are taking small steps to switch to healthier meals, then this will be a great way to start with. Here is the recipe for cauliflower pizza..

dough pizza

Healthy dough pizza with cauliflower


First of all you have to make sure that you have all the ingredients to make a perfect, mouthwatering and yummy crust for your pizza.

• One medium sized  head of cauliflower
• A pinch of salt or according to your taste
• One tablespoon dried oregano
• One tablespoon garlic powder
• One tablespoon olive oil
• Two tablespoon almond meal
• One egg
• Three tablespoon Parmesan cheese its optional and finally grated required
• You can add toppings of your desire and precook them.

Directions to make cauliflower dough pizza:

1. Preheat your oven to 450F
2. Chop the cauliflower until you get fine pieces like rice textures. To make a fine, coarse you can chop it in a food processor. Place it in microwave without adding water as the cauliflower is itself going to release moisture after a few minutes. Once it is ready place it on a clean towel and wring out moisture.
3. Take a bowl and add garlic powder, salt, oregano, Parmesan, almond meal and olive oil. Crack the egg in cauliflower  and beat it  and add all the other ingredients
4. Form the dough and place it on a greased baking sheet. Spread the dough, crust shape and bake it in a preheated oven for eleven to fourteen minutes.
5. Remove it and add toppings which you feel like and again bake it for 4-5 minutes.

 Your Dough Pizza with Cauliflower, improvising-food is ready. Slice it into four pieces and serve it hot.  This would be a yummy and healthy treat for the whole family.